Kernel v1.1.0 problem-cannot write to msdos partition

Kernel v1.1.0 problem-cannot write to msdos partition

Post by Shoel Perelm » Fri, 02 Sep 1994 00:03:10

I had to recompile my kernel to set up sound support so i figgured i'd get
a newer kernel.. I picked v1.1.0 thinking it would be mostly bug fixes (actuallynow that I think about it, i guess it would be mostly new untested features!)

Anyway, now when I try to write to an msdos partition, i get a real only
error.  Is this a bug in v1.1.0?  Which is a good version (least bugs)
to get?  I d/led v1.1.35 but didnt compile it yet...  Is 1.1.35 relatively

-Shoel Perelman



1. Cannot write to msdos partitions


I have recently installed Linux on my desktop PC at work, Linux
resides on the second IDE drive (/dev/hdb).  The dos partitions are
listed in the /etc/fstab file and mounted ok as


They mount ok, read ok, but I cannot write to them.

Any ideas?


Please send mail to


(As I'm having some trouble with missing mail.)

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