linux boot/install with IN2000 SCSI?

linux boot/install with IN2000 SCSI?

Post by Jerod Tuf » Sun, 26 Sep 1993 02:09:28

I recently got a new system and I am having no luck getting
linux installed.  It has an Always IN2000 SCSI w/ a Maxtor
340 meg HDD.  I got the alpha IN2000 package from tsx-11,
and lacking a linux system to work with, all I could do
was rawrite the included zImage to a floppy and boot
that to make sure it recognized my drive.  (it did)
from here, it prompts for a boot disk.  At this point I
insert the MCC or SLS boot disk which works until it wants
me to reboot and type rw root=801 (or something like that)
since I get no lilo prompt booting from the otherm image,
I am apparently screwed.  Can someone suggest a way to
get this system installed?  Thanks.


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Does anyone know where I can find a kernel for the slackware distribution
that supports
                Matsushita CD Rom / SB CD Rom
                IN2000 / Always Technology SCSI harddrive

because I want to install from CD.

I have to finish installing tonight, because Im leaving town in the morning, and
wont be back for a while.

If anyone can help, I (and my school) will really appreciate it.

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