XConfig for NEC Monitor

XConfig for NEC Monitor

Post by Michael B. Gogar » Sun, 05 Jun 1994 01:23:25


I just loaded linux and I am having a terrible time trying to get my monitor to work so I can run X-windows.  I have a NEC multisync 2A, and a paradise vga card with 1Meg of ram.  My monitor will only support 800x600 but I can't get that to work.  Does anyone have any suggestions.

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1. Help for Xconfig:PVGA1/NEC-II monitor

At the very outset, please don't flame or RTFM me! Believe me,
I tried hard before posting this. The problem is with my
Compaq 386/20MHz (which I plan to use as an X-terminal). The
VGA card has a PVGA1 chipset (I think it's a Paradise), for
which I found no listing in the database. However, I found
the dot clocks to be 25 28 33 36 40 45 31 38.

Now the problem is that I dont have any details of the monitor,
an NEC Multisync II. I found this monitor listed in the database
of Xconfigs, and fortunately with dot clocks that my card supports.
But the X screen still has some funny wrap arounds and also multiple cursors
appear! I also have another monitor, a SYNCO 14", whose Xconfig
I had previously fixed for a Genoa 7900 (ET 4000 chipset) card
(dont remember how, probably genetically, i.e. trial-and-error :-) ).  
I tried that Xconfig too (which also had dot clocks supported by the
PVGA1 card), with much the same result.

Anybody know what the problem could be?

Or does anyone have an Xconfig for my setup?

Or a program that could generate one for me (I recall
something like this existed, but dont know where!)?


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