Parsing an mbox file then re-delivering?

Parsing an mbox file then re-delivering?

Post by roo » Mon, 21 Nov 1994 11:20:41

Here's my situation:

I've got a local ethernet connected via PPP to a service provider who
manages my domain  The problem is all mail, regardless to

the same POP mailbox.  What I want to do is download all of these
messages via the popclient untility then run some kind of parser on the
file which will pull out the adressee and then call deliver or sendmail
on it.  Does such a utility exist?

                                                - Mike


1. Mail delivered by sender gets "failure to deliver"

Hope this is a good place to ask, cause I don't know where
else.  :)  Here is my best take on the problem, so far:

The secretary for my office sends out general information via
e-mail from her Macintosh using Microsoft Mail.  The mail
is sent on to the SMTP recipients via a product called MailHub.

Problem is, the secretary is getting failure to deliver
messages back (even though the mail is delivered) from
any user that has a .forward file in their home directory.

The problem seems to be that the distribution list is
rather large (about 5000 characters) and something is
breaking up the To: list at about 2500 characters, causing
syntactic errors (unbalanced parenthesis, unbalanced < & >,
etc.) because the To: list has been truncated in the middle
of one of the addresses.

Does this sound familiar? What component of our system is
at fault? Is there a fix?

Using SunOS 4.1.3.

I would appreciate cc: via e-mail, since my news server seems
to be on a 2 day delay right now.

Thanks for all help.

Glenn Hoffman                                          Engineering Systems

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