swap_free: swap-space map bad (entry 00002000)

swap_free: swap-space map bad (entry 00002000)

Post by Janne Sinkkon » Thu, 26 May 1994 16:52:31

What does it mean? I have got these messages since I installed linux
in my new computer (DX66 etc.) There is also following messages:

    Bad page table: [00CE26E8]=00002000
    swap_duplicate: trying to duplicate unused page

The kernel was 1.0.0. Now it is 1.1.12

fdisk shows

    Disk /dev/hda: 14 heads, 62 sectors, 768 cylinders
    Units = cylinders of 868 * 512 bytes

      Device Boot  Begin   Start     End  Blocks   Id  System
    /dev/hda1           2       2     234  101122   83  Linux native
    /dev/hda2         235     235     272   16492   82  Linux swap
    /dev/hda3         273     273     768  215264   83  Linux native

I also tried to redo my swap partition with the -c option (check for
bad blocks). No help.



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I have some problems with my new installed slackware 2.1.
and run a Kernel 1.0.59 (with mitsumi enabled).
Maybe someone could give me a hint for the apropriate FAQ or Doc.

If I enable my swap partition I receive an:

swap_free: swap-space map bad (entry 00020000)

How can I fix this problem? (or is this message ok?)

Thanks everybody in advance


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