XConfig - ATI VGA Wonder

XConfig - ATI VGA Wonder

Post by Todd Michael Kenne » Mon, 09 May 1994 02:20:18

I was finally able to get Linux up and running on my machine, but, I can't
get XFree to run. Does anyone have an XConfig file the ATI VGA Wonder??
(Yes, I know it's old. :) Thanks.


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1. how to setup Xconfig and ATI VGA Wonder XL

I've been trying everything to get Xwindows running to no avail. I have the .99lp6  I have a 1mb ram on my ATI VGA WONDER XL.  And I want ot use the bus mouse
that comes with it.  How do I setup the mouse and the vga card.  I'd like to
run it in 1024x768 non-interlaced.  I have fooled around with the Xconfig
file, but nothing seems to work.

thanks in advance

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