A couple of questions about NFS..(Printing from DOS)

A couple of questions about NFS..(Printing from DOS)

Post by Stephen Davie » Wed, 29 Jun 1994 19:39:39

If the code running on the DOS machine supports printer mounting and
you are running PCNFSD V2 or NFSAD or BWNFSAD on your Linux machine,
it is very simple to do what you want to do.

Using your example names and my Wollongong PC TCP/IP + NFS, I enter:

mount lpt3: \\healey\/phlaser [username password] (where username and password
are only necessary if I have not previously "logged in").

What happens when a print job for LPT3 comes along is that the print file
is transferred from DOS/Windows to the PCNFSD spool directory under Linux
and then an LPR print to the nominated printer is started by PCNFSD.

There is a "funny" in either the Wollongong code or PCNFSD (or both) which
makes the SECOND name in /etc/printcap work better than the first.

Personally, I prefer to use LPR-based printer redirection rather than NFS.



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A couple of questions about NFS..(Printing from DOS)

Post by R.S.Thom » Thu, 30 Jun 1994 02:06:14

My problem is that the server is a unix machine set up to be
accessed by dos machines and I want to access it from a linux machine.
I'm now in the fortunate position that I now have access to the
manuals and, as someone said on irc (thanks anarchy), the
printing is done by copying the file to a spool directory on the
server then an rpc call is commited which kicks lpd into printing
the thing.

As soon as I find out what the rpc call is, I will attempt to write
a prog that can be run as a printer filter which will do just
this and then I will have made my own contribution to the linux

Still havent figured out logging in yet. But I'll give you a
shout when I do.


P.S. yes, I know it would be easier to be in /etc/hosts.lpd or
whatever. Well, it would be but for the network admin.


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