Slackware CD installation from IBM Easy Option ISA CD-ROM

Slackware CD installation from IBM Easy Option ISA CD-ROM

Post by M.S. Ch » Sun, 02 Oct 1994 07:18:45

I am trying to install Slackware CD (Morse) on a IBM PS/1 machine that is
equipped with IBM Easy Option ISA CD-ROM.  The DOS driver for the CD-ROM
mentions Matsushita during bootup, so I believe that this drive is made
by Panasonic and I choose the sbpcd rootdisk.  However, the rootdisk
setup is unable to find the drive.

Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem?



1. Sony CDU55E CD-ROM Drive and Slackware CD Installation

My machine has a SCSI card and SCSI 1gig hard disk.  But somehow
the store talked me into getting a non-SCSI CD drive, and the
manual says it is a "Sony CD CDU55E".

From the news posted here it appears that this CD is supported by
newer kernels, including the 2.0.1 (?) that is on the disks I
have.  However all the bootdisk images are 1.1.59 and they can't
read the CD!

Do I lose completely?  Can I get a working bootdisk image?  Notice
that I do not yet have a working Linux and thus can't compile
anything!  Also is it true that I can make this CD work at all
with Linux?

Please answer quickly, I still have a few days in which I can
return this device to the store.


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