Xscreensaver crash

Xscreensaver crash

Post by Magnu » Sun, 24 Dec 2000 19:28:48

Sometimes when xscreensaver start it crash the whole system. The only
thing to do is to hard reset the computer. Usually it's the GL savers that
crash. So I wonder what's the reason why the crash? I use several other
GL programs/games that do not crash at all. I once send the author an
email and stated my problem, he respond that it must be something with my
x server as it could not possible be anything wrong with xscreensaver. I'm
using Red Hat 7 with Xfree86 4.01 and MesaGL 3.4. Any got a clue?

Mvh Magnus Lundin



1. xscreensaver crashes system!

    Does anyone know how to get xscreensaver to stop crashing? Or does anyone
know a version that works? In both RH 6.0 and Mandrake 7 it crashes with
fvwm2. I did get an update for Rh 6.0, xscreensaver-3.09-4, which has worked
for weeks on end, but I'm wondering why xscreensaver-3.18-3mdk.i586.rpm the
one in Mandrake 7 does not work? I remember hearing something about disabling
the colormapping? is this needed for fvwm2?
    Otherwise I guess I'll have to install 3.09-4 w/ Mandrake 7... it's pretty
bad when it does crash though, all kinds of file errors on reboot!


ps- the proof that it's xscreensaver is that X runs for days w/o it, load it
and it'll die overnight, it seems to take a while to do so though.

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