Exiting X -> nice black-on-black text on all VC

Exiting X -> nice black-on-black text on all VC

Post by Holger Lan » Thu, 31 Mar 1994 20:06:10

Hi Folks,

  I recently installed Linux (pl15) and Xfree 2.0  (based on Slackware).
  Now I have the problem that on leaving X (fwm,twm,olwm or olvwm) I get
  a nice black on black text-display on all consoles.
  I think I tried everything (FAQs, friends, experiments ...) and still no
  I own a Spea V7-Mirage (Bios 4.01) 1MB,VLB , 20MB RAM, 12 MB Swap on a DX2-66

  Any help would be apprechiated.

        Holger Lange

 PS.: exuse my english


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/*                                                                           */
/*                                                                           */


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