term 2.2.x slow interactive response

term 2.2.x slow interactive response

Post by Karl J. Run » Wed, 23 Nov 1994 18:55:19

Hi, I finally got term 2.2.8 to work on my machine! It is nice
having the additional power of the 2.x series. I upgraded from
version 1.1.9. I am having trouble with one thing. When a download
(remote->local) is taking place, the interactive response thru
a trsh (local->remote and beyond) is very slow. It is about
1/2 - 1 seconds between keystrokes (reminds me of the good old
days when I started telneting in '85 :)

Any tricks to tune this? I have tried "trsh -p 20" to up the priority,
it makes no difference. Also downgrading the priority on tupload
coming the other way doesn't help?

The termrc's are similar and look like:

more ~/.term/termrc
#baudrate 38400
baudrate 19200
compress on

#collisions on
#noise on
stopbits 0.5
timeout 200
window 10

Where I have tried flipping the things commented out by "#" off and on.
I have also tried smaller "window" values and a few different "timeouts"
(100-400), but I don't know what to do next. Term 1.1.9 was nice in that
it gave rock solid priority to "trsh". I never noticed more than an ~20%
slow down in typing response with it during a download. Now it is unusable,
I can't even edit a remote file...




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1. 1.3.76 + pppd 2.2.0e = slow response time?

Hello All,

I've just upgraded from 1.2.13 to 1.3.76 (yes I know it's test kernel).
I compiled the new kernel (on my slackware 3.0) no problems there.

For some reason, without having changed anything else, telnet sessions
through my ppp link have become extremely choppy, I tried reducing the mte
all the way down to 400 and I saw no improvement.  I can type a sentence
and often have to wait >2seconds to see it completed on the screen.

FTP trasnfers also don't seem to get a very good cps anymore (~2.3k/sec).

Any ideas?


p.s: I was going to recompile pppd, but then I noticed that they seem to have
 changed from using the typedef u_int32_t to one called __u32...  Unfortunately
it's late and I have to time to substitute this (sed would work nicely) but
 is this the only change that would prevent re-compilation?

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