SCSI AHA-1742 and >Gig Drives

SCSI AHA-1742 and >Gig Drives

Post by PowerSla » Fri, 16 Dec 1994 15:49:10


I just got the Slackware 2.1.0 distribution, which looks very slick. I
had installed (a while ago) SLS using 0.98 kernel which worked fine on
the hardware I had at the time.

I have since gotten a large HD, a Micropolis 1598 1.6G SCSI hard drive.
It has been faithfully running OS/2 and DOS/Windows (blech) for about 9

My problem: I went to install the Slackware distribution, and ran across
some "problems."

First, the AHA-1742A has the >1G BIOS drive translation on so that no
DOS programs have trouble seeing the full capacity of the drive. I have
to keep DOS around for most of my development (under Clarion 3 and
Clarion for Windows) and my Novell Netware management (NW 4.x).

When I boot the kernel image and root disk, I get a message saying that
the drive has >1024 cyls which may cause some problems with software. I
thought only DOS/FAT partitions had that problem. With OS/2 (HPFS) I
haven't had any problems, and Linux using ext2 shouldn't have any
problems, correct?

When I went into fdisk to set the partition types for ext2 and swap,
fdisk complained of overlaping partitions along with paritions that
didn't end on cylinder boundaries. It also reported physical geometry
rather than the logical geometry reported by the controllers

Is there any way to get the AHA-1742A driver to listen to the
controller's interpretation of the drive geometry? I want to load Linux
w/o having to repartition and reformat the drive. I don't have a tape in
this unit, so there is quite a bit of data that would have to be stored

I know the >1G translation has to be disabled for use in Novell Netware,
but I figured I would ask here first before repartitioning.

Email preferred, but post if it is of interest to the group.


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the INIT process is displaying its message.
Does anyone know if there is a problem with this kind of SCSI
adapter-disk combination? How must the AHA-1742 be configured? Is there
a special jumper on the harddisk which I don't know about?
I hope anyone out there has a nice hint for me where to look for a
solution to this problem.

Thanks in advance,


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