X Video Problem!!!

X Video Problem!!!

Post by Brett H. Clo » Mon, 27 Feb 1995 14:59:49

I hate this damn thing.
I have linux up and running fine.
Actually, X is up and running fine also, except for a minor problem:
Every thing becomes a bit fuzzy the more you move the mouse
around or move screen objects around.  IE,  I gather that the
monitor / video clock settings are incorrect.  I used SuperProbe
and XF86Config etc and they specify that my video chip is a
Trident 9400CL chip, but that's not in the database, so it uses a
Trident 8900.  Anyway, no matter what Ive tried, which is a lot,
it doesnt work.  
Or, does anyone know where I may find an updated video card

Plz mail replies to

Brett Close
Univ Kansas Dept of EECS.
Thanks very much


1. NVIDIA: Video In, TV out, Video In Player, & Video Editor...

Hi. I have been using my new video card (Leadtek WinFast A250 LE TD
(MyVIVO Edition; GeForce4 Ti 4200 with 128 MB) in Windows XP
Professional SP1 to understand how its Video In and TV Out works. So
far, they work and I am enjoying these "addicting" features. I also
set them up in Red Hat Linux 7.2 (compiled Kernel 2.4.19) as well
(same system -- I dual boot).

After reading the Linux driver README file from NVIDIA, I noticed the
TV output cannot be turned on and off easily like Windows' option. Did
I understand that I have to restart X server to enable/disable this
feature? Isn't there a program to control without restarting X server?
I don't use the TV output all the time to watch videos and rebooting X
server will be a hassle. I also want to keep the TV showing videos
(e.g., MPEG) while my monitor is using desktop. Basically, it is like
Matrox's dualhead setup.

NVIDIA documentation said nothing about video in. I have the video
card hooked up to a VCR (hooked up to a small TV) so I can
capture/record stuff on my computer. I also have the VCR's stereo RCA
cable to my SB Live's Line In so I can use my decent speaker setup
(Klipsch Promedia). I researched and found rivatv. I installed and it
worked (have to run modprobe rivatv after loading X server or else I
will run into problems with xawtv).

Thank you in advance. :)
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