trouble finding the right modeline for matrox card/compudyne monitor

trouble finding the right modeline for matrox card/compudyne monitor

Post by Kevin Join » Sun, 15 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I have a matrox mystique 220 w/4 megs ram. I have read the various x faqs, as
well as the matrox driver faq.

sigh, anyway, after slugging through a long and painful install of xfree86
3.3.1 I am stuck. For some reason I can only run X in 600x480 27.51Khz mode.
Every other modeline is listed by the server like this:

(--) SVGA: Mode "800x600" needs hsync freq of 35.16 kHz. Deleted.

I've been able to run X in lots of different modes before. My monitors stats
horizontal: 31.5,34-38,35.52,48 Khz
vertical: 50-90Hz

Anyone have any ideas that I might try?


trouble finding the right modeline for matrox card/compudyne monitor

Post by tommy fredrikss » Sun, 15 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I use the same Matrox and xfree - no trouble now but it took some time
for me to find a good combination. Now I run

hsync range 0:  31.50 -  48.50
vsync range 0:  50.00 - 100.00

1024x768, 16 bpp, no trouble on a 15" - configurated via xf86config


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I need to know if anybody out there running an old monitor like a
"goldstar 1425 plus" at 800x600 or higher with Linux? 640x480 doesn't
really thrill me.
I had it running at 800x600 a long time ago, but that was with a
win3.1/ati_vgawonder setup.
The vgawonder had driver support for this monitor in the programmable
cards bios.

Have a Matrox Millennium II now.

So far i have tried the XF86_FAQ, looking in the web for the monitor
specs, and ran xvidtune.
The ordinary 800x600 settings will not work for me with the above

Had my Sony 20" monitor running nicely at 1152x900 but the picture tube
was letting go over the years and finally kicked off. :(

Would vgaset be the next step?

Thanks in advance / L.L.L!

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