XConfig for EIZO T562-T & Trio64+

XConfig for EIZO T562-T & Trio64+

Post by Tobias Kun » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I have Problems using X (XFree86 3.1.2-S) on Linux (Kernel:

I'm using an EIZO FlexScan T562-T (17") - Monitor (may perhaps be
called Nanao elsewhere)  with a Miro Video 22SD (S3 Trio64+) graphics
board. (Max. dotclock: 135)
I tried a lot of different video modes (800x600 and 1024x768),
including the vesa standard modes and the modes mentioned in the
monitor manual. With each mode, the left border of the picture gets
white and the image is slightly distorted at the left side.

I tried several things, like making the sync time larger ..., but
nothing changed. Under Windows95, things work OK (that is, perfect),
so I think the Monitor is OK.

* Does someone have a XF86Config (monitor section) working with
        the EIZO T562-T (or the S3-Trio64+ or both)?
* Or is this a XFree3.1.2-S, XF_S3 - Problem and should I use
* Or is there a possibility to find out Win95's monitor timings?
* (last question:) Is this problem dangerous (for the monitor)?

Thank you very much in advance



1. Mode for EIZO/NANAO T562-T


Has anybody got a working Monitor-config (XF86Config-entries) for the
Eizo/Nanao T562-T monitor?

I've tried copying and fiddling with the settings of the Eizo 9080i
but this doesn't lead to very good results.

The specs of this box are (according to the manual):

Hor-freq:       30-85kHZ
Vert-freq:      55-160Hz
V-bandwidth:    130MHz

Thanks much in advance for any help,


Universitaetsstrasse 7             |  Tel: (+43 1) 406-58-22 x251  Fax x170
A-1010 Vienna, Austria             |  NIC-Handle: EJ63

Universitaetsstrasse 7             |  Tel: (+43 1) 406-58-22 x251  Fax x170
A-1010 Vienna, Austria             |  NIC-Handle: EJ63

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