Newbie questions

Newbie questions

Post by Michael McPhers » Tue, 11 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Hello :)
   I just installed redhat 4.0 linux  with the Metro-x and I have some
questions.  please email me responses as my news server is very

I thank you in advance for any help you can give :)  I'm very much a
linux newbie, so please forgive what are probably fairly ignorant

1)  How do I get rid of that virtual screen thing in the upper left
hand corner?   How about just setting it so that it doesnt always
cover up everything?

2)  How do I change the background color?  Can I make a wallpaper for

3) I'd also like to try out fvm95 (just to take a look)  how do I get
it to start  instead of fvm2?  Is it possible to set things up so I
can easily run whichever one I want?

4) How do I save changes that I make  (like the setting to bring a
window to the top after 500ms or whatever)

5)  I'd like to try to get linux to find my modem (supra express 28.8
PnP -- OS/2 reports it on Com 2 using IRQ 4) and then be able to
connect to my ISP via a PPP connection.  what do I need to do in order
to do this?

Thanks again!  I really appreciate it :)


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