TFT from DVI ATI Radeon in XFree?

TFT from DVI ATI Radeon in XFree?

Post by noo.. » Sun, 31 Dec 2000 12:52:50

Has anyone got ATI Radeon DVI-model card working in XFree with
TFT-panel connected through DVI-interface?

Is there generally a problem getting cards working in DVI-mode
with XFree?  Any 3D-cards with DVI-I which do work through DVI-TFT

I know Radeon should be supported in Xfree 4.0.2,
but is the DVI-interface mode supported also? Radeon 64MB DVI
and Radeon AIW both have DVI-interface.

Any relevant info/links appreciated!

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1. Ati Radeon VE + DVI-I + TFT Panel + digital signal

I have used Ati Radeon VE in RedHat 7.7 + 2.4.7 ... 2.4.10 kernel.
I can get any desired resolution and refresh rate  from VGA connector and
also from analog port of the dvi port. I upgrades Xfree to 4.1.0.

I try to use a TFT panel with DVI-i input. From Radeon I can't get any
DIGITAL signal from the DVI-I port.

Has someone succeeded?

TFT panel is LG Flatron 885LE 1280x1024. (In windows the digital port gives
very nice picture). I also tried Redhat7.2, but same effect ;(

:) Thanks in advance,
Kari N.

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