strange erreur while installing X server (S3 virge)

strange erreur while installing X server (S3 virge)

Post by az » Wed, 20 May 1998 04:00:00

I installed linux (slakware, kernel 2.0.0) on my PC. I tried to install
X window and I failed.
I have S3-Virge DX 4MB. its name is not on the list (during the
I went on the xfree86 site and I downloaded the 3.3.2 (latest version of
Xfree86) and I began the installation
in followin the instruction on the xfree86 site:
cd /usr/X11R6
..../extract    ..../.x332[8-z]*.tgz.
and I get the following output:
== Extracting /outils/xfree/x332bin.tgz ==
== Extracting /outils/xfree/x332cfg.tgz ==
== Extracting /outils/xfree/x332doc.tgz ==
== Extracting /outils/xfree/x332f100.tgz ==
== Extracting /outils/xfree/x332fcyr.tgz ==
== Extracting /outils/xfree/x332fnon.tgz ==
== Extracting /outils/xfree/x332fnts.tgz ==
== Extracting /outils/xfree/x332fscl.tgz ==
/outils/xfree/extract: Only read 5316 bytes from archive
/outils/xfree/extract: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

do you have any idea of the problem?



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