ET4000 question

ET4000 question

Post by Kyouske Kasu » Fri, 10 Feb 1995 10:26:19

Okay...I pulled open a 24 bit Jpeg yesterday...and I've never seen graphics
like that come from my machine ever before in my life...I'm using an ET4000
video card..Is that card 16 or 24 bit?  I don't get why i could get color
like that from an 8-bit card?  Please tell me if this is so.  thanx

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1. question about et4000 video card bios

First of all, i'd like to say that if this isn't the correct newsgroup for
this information request please let me know, I'm still trying to
understand this problem and want to direct it correctly.

Ok, I have an et4000 chipset on my video card.. the other day I was trying
to use xwindows and text consoles at the same time. At one point as I was
swapping between my text consoles changed when I got to it. It's wider and
taller than it used to be (bigger letters and edges drop off the screen)
and the screen is slightly darker. I thought maybe it was something I did
to my monitor so I shutdown all programs, shut down linux and rebooted
into dos. Even in dos the screen was 'larger' than usual. I got concerned
and contacted a friend who said I might have corrupted the bios of the
video card. I have tried using setfont in linux and Tsengs vidmode in dos
to see if it would pop things back the way they were, neither has seemd to
work. Does this sound like a problem anyone else has encountered and is
there a way to fix it?

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