help: azerty keyboard (newbie)

help: azerty keyboard (newbie)

Post by Jean-Denis Broch » Sat, 02 Jan 1999 04:00:00


I have problem using Xwindows... I am not able to configure my keyboard
(I would like a CF or an US keyboard but I'm stuck with an azerty

Anyone know how to correct this?


Jean-Denis Brochu


1. changing keyboard settings for PC AZERTY keyboard with Ultra5 under Solaris 8

I just bought a Cybex/Avocent SwitchView MP KVM switch. It is a very
nice 4-port switch. It allows PCs, Macs or Sun to be plugged. The
devices that can be used are :
- PS/2, AT, or Sun keyboards
- PS/2, serial, or Sun mice
- VGA monitor

I am using an AT AZERTY (French) keyboard, a PS/2 mouse, and a VGA
I plugged my two PCs and my Ultra 5 into the switch.
The two PCs work fine, exactly as they did without the switch - even at
1600x1200x16M at 90Hz without any picture ghosting.
I am having a problem with the Sun, specifically with the keyboard. I
can't figure out how to set the keyboard layout to French AZERTY. It
always thinks the keyboard is QWERTY, so when I type "A" on the
keyboard, it does "Q". I tried doing "loadkeys france_5" but that has no
effect. Other loadkeys commands also have no effect. I'm assuming that
somehow the Sun is trying to detect the keyboard type, and the switch -
being US-made - is always telling it that the keyboard is US QWERTY
type. How do you override this ? The Ultra5 is running Solaris 8.
Prior to plugging the Sparc into the KVM switch, I was using a
Sun-branded US keyboard so all worked fine in QWERTY mode, but I want to


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