Running Win4Lin full-screen in Gnome

Running Win4Lin full-screen in Gnome

Post by CyberCF » Fri, 02 Mar 2001 10:18:27

Is there an equivalent of the KDE KStart command in Gnome to force an
application to load in a certain way.  I use KStart to force Win4Lin to
load full screen in KDE.  In Gnome, Win4Lin loads full-screen one out of
three times.  The other two, it loads at the correct resolution, just in a
Window.  I'd like to force it to load full-screen every time.

1. (stupid question on) CDE mouse: moving full-screen window from MID-screen?

I thought that by pressing one of the three mouse buttons
when mid-screen, I could slide the window itself around.


Then I tried with control and then shift.  Nope.

How *do* you do it?

(My problem: running sol7 on sparcstation-5, expanding a
window to full-size (via clicking on that little square
sitting up at the window's upper right corner), it'd fill
the console's (glass) screen *perfectly*.  

Then got a sunblade-100, sol9 (now upgraded to 12dec03), and
it expands too big -- *same* sun 20-in console, *no* changes
made to any dt-thing.

Asked here once before; no one had any clue as to why
the difference, or what to do about it.)

Also, anyone have a nice cheat-sheet on mouse-clicking
in cde?



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