Server for ET4000/W32p rev D?

1. tseng et4000/w32p rev.c & X

I just bought a new motherboard (486DX2-80Mhz AMD) with a graphics accelerator
with a Tseng ET4000/w32p rev.c chipset on local bus and I cannot get X to run.

I used to have a 386DX33 with an ISA ET4000 graphics card with modes for
640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768i (interlaced) in 256 colours working quite well.

My monitor is a Yanjen (ok, unknown) regular SVGA monitor (that is, interlaced
1024x768 and non-interlaced 800x600 etc.) with horiz. freq. 31.5, 35.5, 38.0
khz, vertical 47-90 and bandwidth 45Mhz.

Everything works fine under windows and dos graphical programs (all modes :
from 320x200 etc. standard vga, all 256 modes (including 1024x768 interlaced),
all 32K and 64K modes I tried and the 640x480x16M mode).

The doc for the W32 accelerator suggests to 'get a motherboard that runs
33 Mhz', so I tried slowing down my motherboard to 33 Mhz and even 25 Mhz
but that didn't work either.

Is this a problem with my X server or a hardware problem ?

If it's possible, mail me please !  (but don't forget to post it too).


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