Avavne Logic ALG2301 Problems

Avavne Logic ALG2301 Problems

Post by Ed Jacks » Sun, 27 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone come up with a way to prevent the Avance Logic ALG-2301
card from displaying garbage on the screen when shutting down, or
 shelling out from X ? I'm using Redhat 4.2, and it's a problem
 with the recommended XFree86-SVGA server. The Metro-X server
 works (beta is all I have), but the upgrades from Redhat don't
work with it. I'm broke, and can't afford the new version from
Redhat to get the new Metro-X server. Any help with either
problem is appreciated.
Blue skies...............  ed.


1. Avance Logic ALG2301 config file?

I have an Avance Logic ALG2301 card with 1MB of memory.  Does anyone know way I might be able to find a Xconfig or XF86config file for it?  I tried running
XF86config but even though it know what kind of card it is, it comes up with a "No modes supplied in XF86Config"  I've been trying to get Xwindows up and running for
about 6 months now.  I would really appreciate any help.  Thanks in advance.


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