P9000 server question (VIPER VLB)

P9000 server question (VIPER VLB)

Post by Bernie Borenste » Fri, 04 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I have posted a couple of notes about trying to use multiple
resolutions in my XF86Config with the VIPER VLB card and
getting the error :

(--) P9000: The dimensions of 640x480 do not match those of the
first valid mode.
(--) P9000: Removing 640x480 from list of valid modes.

I sent the problem to Erik Nygren, the author of the P9000 server
and this is his response :

The P9000 server can only deal with one resolution (ie either 640x480
or 1024x768 but not both) at a time.  The Modes line :
  Modes "1024x768" "640x480"
is looked at and all modes with a different resolution
(screen dimensions) than the first valid one are removed.
The line:
    Virtual  1024  768
is ignored because the P9000 server can't deal with
hardware virtual screens.  This is a limitation of the
P9000 hardware.

        --- Erik

Hope this information is of use to the Linux user community.

                                 Bernie Borenstein


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