ANNOUNCE: BX PRO (GUI Builder)available on Red Hat - 1,000 copies to be given away

ANNOUNCE: BX PRO (GUI Builder)available on Red Hat - 1,000 copies to be given away

Post by Mark Hatc » Sat, 10 Apr 1999 04:00:00

ICS is pleased to announce that our GUI builder, Builder Xcessory (BX
PRO(tm)) is now available for Red Hat Linux 5.1+.

1,000 free licenses for open source development will be given away over
the next 10 weeks to visitors of our special Linux website
( Full text of the press release, including
comments from Red Hat CEO Bob Young on the importance of this port, is
available at:

BX PRO 5.0 consists of Builder Xcessory(tm), the industry's most
advanced graphical user interface builder for Motif; ViewKit(tm), a
flexible and mature C++ reuse framework; and EnhancementPak(tm), a
library of 34 reusable components including business graphs and
sophisticated user interface controls. More detailed product information
is available under the Products section of the ICS home page at

About ICS
Founded in 1987, Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc., headquartered in
Cambridge, MA, provides user interface development tools for UNIX
developers that promote rapid application development and software
reuse. The Open Group recently selected ICS to provide front line
support for their Motif source code licensees recognizing ICS' unique
expertise in Motif and the X Window System. For further information on
ICS, its products or services, call 1.617.621.0060, or visit the ICS
Website at


1. Beta: BX Pro 5.0 (Motif GUI Builder) for Red Hat 5.1+ Available

BX PRO 5.0, the leading GUI Builder for Motif, is now available for beta
testing at:

This beta test release *only* supports Red Hat 5.1+ (5.0 does not
work!).  Support for S.u.S.E. and Slackware are forthcoming.

This is a large download (~20mb), so it is suggested that only those
with a speedy internet connection participate. The current software will
expire February 28th. Before it expires, a final beta release will be
made available with a later expiration date.

BX PRO is built from the same sources as our versions for Sun, HP, IBM,
SGI, et. al. and includes:

- Builder Xcessory: GUI Builder
- ViewKit:    C++ Framework for Motif written by Doug Young
- EPak: Collection of 31 advanced user interface widgets

Full documentation is available online at

Motif is *not required* to run Builder Xcessory. And as long as you do
not use ViewKit or EPak widgets, it is reported that the generated code
works with LessTif. (We are especially looking for feedback from LessTif
users during the beta test). However, to use the widgets provided by
ViewKit or EPak, you will need a Motif library derived from the OSF
sources. MetroLink Motif is recommended, but others should work.

- Red Hat Linux 5.1+
- glibc2
- 100MB disk space for full install
- 32MB RAM
- X-Server

- OSF Motif (for ViewKit and EPak)
- 1024x768 (minimum) - 1280x1024 (strongly suggested)



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