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Hello !

I have an ASUS PCI-V264CT card with 1Mb mem which I can't get to
work at all. Does anyone have a "Device" section for such a card.
Below follows some statistics produced by SuperProbe and X -probeonly.

Most of these figures means nothing to me so I really would be
glad if someone could help me out.
I read in some of the supplied documents that if you have more
than 12Mb of memory CF86_Mach64 wont work.
Is this really correct and what memory do they refer to ? I have
32Mb in, what I refer to as main memory.

Please reply by email as well since I will be away for Christmas to
New Years Day.


SuperProbe output:
   Chipset: ATI (chipset unknown)
            Signature data: 5b (please report)
   Memory:  0 Kbytes
   RAMDAC:  Generic 8-bit pseudo-color DAC
            (with 6-bit wide lookup tables (or in 6 -bit mode))
   Attached graphics coprocessor:
          Chipset: ATI Mach64
          Mamory:  1024 KBytes

X -probeonly output:
   Card type: EISA
   Clock type: Bedrock
   Number of clocks: 32
   clocks: 25.18 28.32  0.00 ... (only zeroes)
   clocks   0.00 ... (only zeroes)
   clocks  12.59 14.16  0.00 ... (only zeroez)
   clocks   0.00 ... (only zeroes)
   (some  nonmatching mode messages)
   videoram 1024k
   Using hardware cursor
   Using 4MB aperture
   Ramdac is Unknown (0)
   Using 6 bits per RGB value

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