fvwm mouse bindings

fvwm mouse bindings

Post by Broc Stirto » Wed, 23 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know of a way to bind a key combination to a mouse click?
(E.g. I would like to have Shift-F1, Shift-F2, Shift-F3 correspond to
mouse buttons 1,2,3 respectively.)  This would reduce reliance on the
mouse, especially useful if it breaks, like mine did last week.  I never
realized how dependent I am upon it.  
        Also, does anyone have an idea how to configure Alt-Tab (or another
combo) to switch window focus.  I use the key binding "Next  Focus"; and
it works alright, but it includes the Fvwm windows (like Buttons and
WinList).  I tried CirculateUp/CirculateDown, and FlipFocus. I can't get
any of them to work however.  I also can't get any of the optional
conditions (e.g. CurrentPage) to work with Next.  If anyone has a
working setup, please e-mail it to me with or without comments... I'm
willing to pick through it.    
                                                    Broc Stirton



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Steve Champagne

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