XF86_SVGA and Virge/VX support

XF86_SVGA and Virge/VX support

Post by Will Low » Tue, 15 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone found a workaround for the problem with the XF86_SVGA server?

Specifically,  if you startx twice without rebooting,  the console
freezes.  Bug reports have been posted,  and a few other people have
reported the error,  but I'm wondering if there's a workaround/patch out.




1. S3 ViRGE/VX boards (was Re: Virge dotclocks - DS3D 2000 or 3000?)

I have been in touch with them.  They said they've had no reports of
problems with the STB board, though they also didn't explicitly say they'd
heard it works.

I do have another couple of questions for the group on this, though:  In
order to get SOME idea of whether this all will work, I pulled the Number
Nine 332 (S3 ViRGE, but not ViRGE/VX) board from my office computer and
temporarily installed it in my home system.  I ran xbench on it, and
found that it got 163,363 xstones at 1024x768x(8 bpp) or 92,908 xstones
at 1024x768x(16 bpp), which is rather pathetic for a boad like this --
the ET4000/W32p card I've got now gets 150,707 xstones at 1024x768x(8
bpp) with XFree86 (124,389 with Metro-X).  (This is with version 3.2 of
XFree86 for both ET4000/W32p and ViRGE.)  Now, I understand that the
current ViRGE drivers are incomplete (xbench results are particularly bad
in the arc and text categories, but 1.5-3x better than the ET4000/W32p
results in other categories), so I've two questions:

1) How much better is the ViRGE/VX than the non-VX ViRGE?
2) How much are the XFree86 ViRGE drivers likely to improve?  The
   documentation says further acceleration is on the "to-do" list,
   but roughly where can we expect to see overall performance
   settle -- at 1.1x current levels, 2x, or what?

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