HELP: Running X with STB Horizon 64 PCI

HELP: Running X with STB Horizon 64 PCI

Post by Erik Jan van den Ha » Sun, 20 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I have installed Redhat 5.0 on a somewhat older machine with a STB Horizon
64 PCI video card. It does not work. When probed it is recognized as a
Tseng 400, 256 Kb mem with a Sierra SC1148 RAMDAC. Actually this is the
same as Win95 said when autodetecting the card, that it is a Tseng 4000
chipset. However according to info from STB/Sierra the chipset is a 'Sierra
Falcon 64' ??? I tried using the Tseng X server but no succes. I would be
vey gratefull for any info as to which server to use, or any solid info on
which chipset this really is. Please, if someone has any experience with
this card, let me know about it.

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I am thanking anyone who responds in advance.  

I have recently "upgraded" my computer system to a Linux based system;
I am having a lot of trouble installing the X-Windows
XFree86 GUI.  I have used 'Xconfigurator' and 'xf86config' to configure the

program, but both do not seem to work.  I have tried many different  
permutations of monitor and video card specifications of which none seem to

work (these specifications include those given to me by the autoprobe
When I go to 'startx', the screen first goes blank and then only have the  
screen is lit with 'barcode' type lines.  I have no idea what the problem
but I am assuming that my XFConfig file does not match my video card (as my

monitor information is fairly standard- I have a MAG DX15F).  

Here is my Video card info:
Chipset:  Sierra Falcon 64
Card:  STB Horizon 64 PCI
Memory:  1024 KB.

Again, I would appreciate any help as I desperately want to get XWindows.
Massy Ghausi

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