binding mouse buttons to shift

binding mouse buttons to shift

Post by Roland Zumkelle » Thu, 28 Jun 2001 22:48:40

I've got some extra mouse buttons left on my 5-button mouse and would
like them to act as SHIFT or ALT modifiers.

With xmodmap I've only rebound keys to keys or rearranged the order of
mouse buttons. But is it also possible to bind a mouse button to a key?


- Roland


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Hi Netters,

I wonder if the following can be done with X.

I'd like to use my left shift/ctrl/alt keys with mouse click to
generate the same events as if I'd pressed the mouse buttons 1/2/3.  I
am not really familiar with xmodmap or such, but I suspect that it
might be done. Could you enlighten me?

My main reason for this awkward request is that I am trying a new
pointer called 'glidepoint' where you move your finger on a small
tablet and it moves the pointer on the screen accordingly. It has
three buttons plus if you tap the tablet it generates a mousebutton 1
click. (doubleclick works too.)

Now the problem is that I find very hard to press a button and move my
other finger at the same time. So I thought of the requested solution
since my left hand is free anyways when using the "mouse".

I prefer direct email, but will read the group for answers too.
Thanks a lot,

        Tamas Badics

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