Paradise "Pipeline 64" card

Paradise "Pipeline 64" card

Post by bill davids » Wed, 08 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Any thought on server, ramdac, clock, etc? I've tried every card in
the database which seemed even close.

Chips: marked WD9710 and WD162.

I had this working on an old install, and the user "upgraded"
without saving the config files. Now I can't remember what I did to
make it work.

Tried the VGA16, SuperVGA and P9000 servers, linear, fake clock
lines, etc.

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1. Support for Paradise Pipeline 64 Video Card

Is there any xfree86 support for the Paradise Pipeline 64 Video card?  The
primary chip on the card is labelled: WD9710-MZ.  I've already tried the

- Used the Generic VGA driver (mouse problems, see separate message)

- Specified no video card from the card database, but used the SVGA server
(momentarily got a very blocky display that soon vanished entirely.)

So tell me, just how screwed am I?

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