ModeLine for Matrox MGA

ModeLine for Matrox MGA

Post by Hong Zhan » Thu, 20 Mar 1997 04:00:00


I have a Matrox MGA card ( mag2064w chip with TI3026 , 2Mb VideoMem )
on a HP P120 machine with 21 inches Toshipa monitor. Can someone mail
me the ModeLines they have ?

Currently I am running XFree86 3.2 with 1152x900x16bit at 72khz X 75hz.
I think there must be better modes then this.


Hong Zhang


1. MGA Millenium "line" and 1600x1200 modelines?

Two small items:

1) Could people please send me their modelines for 1600x1200 resolution?
I just bought a 8Meg millenium card and I want to run that resultion but
the only one I could find scrambles my monitor.

2) The XFree86 SVGA Millenium driver seems to produce a strange "line"
near the lower portion fo the screen. It starts about 3 inches in from
the left edge and continues off the right edge of the screen.  It only
looks like a single row or two of pixels is being corrupted.

Does anybody have a "fix" for this corrupted partial line with the
Millenium drivers?

I'm running whatever version of XFree86 that comes with RedHat 4.2.

for now please post replies to this newsgroup since my mail address
isn't being handled properly and I don't know when it will be fixed.

Thanks for any help on either of these two problems,

- Jeff

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