NS 3.01 "Cannot allocate colormap" error

NS 3.01 "Cannot allocate colormap" error

Post by Gary Dol » Wed, 19 Mar 1997 04:00:00

    I recently installed NS 3.01. I have a DX4-100, a Cirrus Logic
card, CL-GD5428, and an old Epson color vga monitor. I run X windows
in generic vga mode. When starting NS 3.01, I got the warning "Cannot
allocate colormap entry for default background," followed by a bus
error. Chuck Simmons led me to the fix that got rid of the bus error.
But I still get the colormap error, and the program exits. I have
tried the -install and -ncols <various numbers> options; no luck. I
checked xdpyinfo, and it shows only two color depths, 1 and 4, and
number of colormap cells as 16. I have tried to load NS with all icons
off, using on grey51 as a background color, and I get the same
message. I checked DejaNews and noticed that there have been a number
of folks with this problem, and the steps I have taken above are those
either recommended in response to those posts, or from the NS
"technical support".  I really would like to migrate as much as I can
to linux, but having gotten used to NS for many years now, I just have
a hard time relying on lynx. Any suggestions, other than buying new
equipment, which I probably cannot afford. Thanks.


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I am getting this error when I have more that one program open
that needs more than a few colors.  For example, if netscape is
running and I start NEdit, NEdit is incapable of displaying
colors and spits out all sorts of error messages like those
described above on the console.  How do I fix this?  I think it
is related to the fact that I'm running 8 bit color.


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