Help: XF86Config for Diamond Viper VLB 2MB + Sony 17sf

Help: XF86Config for Diamond Viper VLB 2MB + Sony 17sf

Post by Wenjen Chan » Wed, 20 Dec 1995 04:00:00


I got a Diamond Viper VLB 2MB video card and a Sony Multiscan
17sf monitor and I am running into some probelm with the X
window configuration.  I can only get the resolution 800x600
and when I configure the X window into 1280x1024, the power saving
lit is on and the screen goes blank.  I hope somebody there can
have a working XF86Config file to help solving my problem.



1. Help with VIPER VLB 2MB XF86Config

I was wondering if anyone could send me there Xf86Config file for Diamond Viper
VLB 2Mb board....I am not sure what ALL I am supposed to do in setting up my
XF86Config file correctly....

Where should this "newbie" look in the man/info pages or etc for info on how to
setup the config file?

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   _       _    USU VMS:   SL4H2

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