Number Nine GXE

Number Nine GXE

Post by Silenc » Sat, 07 Jan 1995 11:34:35

Could someone please send me a XF86Config file for the #9 GXE Pro Level 12.
A few months ago i had it installed and posted a Config file to c.o.l.h or one of those news groups.
Ive lost everything and had to start from scratch. I rewrote the XF86Config script from scratch. because it also parse errors
and aborts. (ConfigXF86) And i've got it to hit the video mode. but its just displaying a black and white pattern. Gray ish.
Anyways i remember this happend the last time I i set this up. And i cant remember what i did back then.

Its XFree3.1 btw.

Thanks In Advance