Linux for Sparc

Linux for Sparc

Post by Richard J. Bocchinfus » Wed, 08 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone out there done a Linux install on a Sparc station?

I would like some details?  Is the CD bootable?  How do you get started?


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This is kind of two questions in one

I've just acquired an un-needed sparc clone from work - it's badged "Solair",
has a label underneath stating that it's made by DTK computers and anounces
itself as a "DTKstation/Classic+". I though that I might have a look at the
sparc port for fun.

So I copied the RedHat 4.0 sparc boot image (the v2 image since the machine
claims a version 2.9 ROM) and booted it up.

The kernel loads, identifies all (I think) of the hardware gets as far as
loading the ramdisk image and produces the message
   "VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem)."
and then hangs


Is the problem that it's a clone (looks like a Sun to me,  right down to the
ROM commands but I've not had much experience with clones).

Is the problem that it's a Sun4M (I recall that the sparc version doesn't work
on all of the sparc chips).

Is the problem that this machine is headless - it's connected to a VT220 (well
a Wyse pretending to be a VT220). Is there the equivalent of the serial console
patch for the sparc port and do I need it ?

Is it something else (all suggestions gratefully recieved).



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