icons under OLVWM

icons under OLVWM

Post by Mike Farm » Sat, 06 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone had problems with the corners of the icons not appearing under
the OLVWM window manager?  Also when I try to move the scroll bars to the
right hand side of the windows nothing happens.  I am running the 1.3.18
Linux with the latest X11R6 distribution and the Mach64 drivers.  



1. xpm icons in olvwm instead of xbm?

Hi all!

Anyone know how I can change the defaults icons set i
/var/X11R6/lib/appdefaults from the boring b/w xbm icons to color xpm icons?
( I've got bunches of groovy icons I would like to use instead of all the
  ugly default ones. )

I know how to change to another xbm icon, with the "*IconPixmap: iconfilename"
line but if I put a xpm icon there it doesn't seem to work. Why?

I haven't found this in any faq or anything, perhaps it's too simple?
Well in any case I don't know how to do it. I couldn't find anything in
the man pages for olwm or X either.

I could find any simple command line switch either for overriding the default

Hmm...another odd thing is that I noticed that some programs have b/w
icons under olvwm but colored icons under fvwm?? This is the case for
example TkDesk. In fvwm the Trash can and stuff are in groovy colors but
in olvwm (wich I like better) they are in b/w. (yuakk!)

If anyone can tell me how to get nice color icons all over the desktop in
olvwm I would appreciate it!


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