how to change MENU FONT of GNOME?

how to change MENU FONT of GNOME?

Post by xiaoy » Tue, 04 Sep 2001 19:38:19


My English is so poor :-(


1. Changed menu fonts in Gnome/Redhat 8

I am using Gnome under Redhat 8. Everything is working well, except
that the menu fonts in my favourite apps Galeon and
multi-gnome-terminal have suddenly changed to an ugly courier-like
bold font. Other applications (e.g. Nautilus) haven't changed.

I suspect the change occurred after I had updated some RPM packages
using RedHat's up2date utility...

In the old days I could control these things with xrdb/X resources,
but they don't seem to apply to Gnome applications?

Any suggestions about how I can change those ugly fonts?

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