How to change Xfree86 port ?

How to change Xfree86 port ?

Post by GIS.CI » Wed, 23 Feb 2000 04:00:00

By default, XFree86 listens on port htons(6000+n), where n is the display
number. I have to change this port to another number. can I ? How ?
Please help me.

1. changing mouse port to modem port

I'm trying to change a port originally used for a mouse cua0 to a
modem port and keep getting the following error when invoking
kermit and then set line /dev/cua0:

Sorry can't open connection: /dev/cua0: Device or resource busy

I've rerun /etc/syssetup, but that doesn't help.  What do I need to
do to use a modem on this port that was originally configured for
a uSoft serial mouse.


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