Post by Justin Johnso » Sat, 08 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Has anybody here ever gotten GNUstep running?
Is it something that you can get on CD?
I have had troubles with the instructions that are given at GNUsteps ftp

I have afterstep running, but really liked the look that I saw of



1. No more X server after GNUStep and window maker install.


After install GNUstep, window maker (Last release available) i loose the
start of X server.
After booting in text mode i have ''Login''.
After login with my user and pass i have ''New mail'' and thats all.

If i try X or startx or afterstep or wmaker somme errors are display as
''autenfication fail'', ''cannot connect to X server''.
To avoid to reinstall again all Q3 release please help me.

Thanks for answers.


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