XF86_SVGA on Dell Laptops (WD90c24a2 chipset)

XF86_SVGA on Dell Laptops (WD90c24a2 chipset)

Post by Robert Cann » Fri, 13 Jan 1995 23:57:17

I have just installed linux on three Dell Lattitide laptops with
dual scan colour displays. ( model 433MC, 12Mb RAM)
One is a DX2-50, and all is well, with the accelerated server
XF86_SVGA working beautifully. Exactly the same configuration on
two SX-33 machines - as far as I am aware, this is the only difference -
messes up the screen so much as to be unuseable. Bits of lines are
scattered around, and text sometimes appears in the wrong place.
The XF86_VGA16 server works fine with these two, but the difference
between this and the SVGA server when it works is enormous.

Has anyone had the same problem, or any ideas about what makes the
difference? I have messed around with the trackball/serial mice:
nothing upsets the DX2-50, and the SX-33 problem under XF86_SVGA
doesn't change.

All suggestions would be very welcome!

Robert Cannon



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desire is to run Linux and X on it. I know that people have had problems with
getting X to run on some portables. I contacted NEC and found out that the
chipset used in the Versa V model is the Western Digital WD90C24A2. I also
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        David A. Ence

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