Someone, please help me install FVWM95 ...

Someone, please help me install FVWM95 ...

Post by Sarasa Gro » Sun, 14 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hello ...

I want to know about how to install FVWM95 ...
I already download that file, gzip, xmkmf -a, make, make install but
when i open my x windows there is not any fvwm95 ? ...
Please help me to install it, i really want to know about it.
For your information i used linux 3.0.0 kernel 1.2.13.

Sony Liando


1. fvwm95 install problems, please help.

I am trying to install fvwm95-2.0.43a-Autoconfig on my Caldera COL 1.1
kernel 2.0.29.

I followed carefully, step by step, the installation procedure
contained in the Install file in the package and apparently no problem
have emerged during compiling.

Again following instructions I edited the last line of my .xinitrc
file commenting it out and adding: exec fvwm95

I am the only user of my "learning Linux" dedicated machine and I
login as /root   or as /col.  I copied the .xinitrc to both
directories. Now I have problems and the new 95 style window manager
doesn't start.

When I login as user: col and give the command startx
the error message returned is: /usr/sbin/rebuild_lgtypes: must run as

When I login as: root and give the command startx, I have the surprise
to see the old default fvwm manager popping up and not the new 95 one.
When I exit it the message on the screen says:

PEX and XIE extensions modules not loaded
/usr/visix/vrte/ftc: presence of lockfile '.ftc.lock' indicates symbol
tables use
make: ***[LG_rulebase] error 1
exec: fvwm95 not found

only one thing in this messageis clear to me: that it cannot find the
executable. Unfortunately being a Linux newbie I have not the faintest
idea which and where the executable should be. I tried a find / -iname
fvwm95*  and got few files and directories but  none of them sound as
the  executable.

I think the .xinitrc  needs more editing than the install file
suggests and maybe there is room here for some suggestion or for a
copy of a working .xinitrc

I don't know if I gave enough information, but I would really be
grateful to receive some help,


Gianmaria Fontana di Sacculmino

Embassy of India - Bratislava, Slovakia
PGP public key available on keyservers

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