Support for verite 2x00?

Support for verite 2x00?

Post by Mr M.S. Fost » Wed, 22 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,
        Is there any support for the Rendition Verites planned in XFree
or indeed any other Xserver (are Rendition releasing the specs?)

Thanks, Martyn.


1. Verite V1000 support in XF86/SVGALib

I just purchased one of these cards, and for Quake it really kicks ass,
however I soon was suprised that Rendition (The maker of the chip)
requires a NDA to program the chip.... Have these twits just pulled
another Diamond???  Somehow I really don't see it's VESA 2.0 support
being much good under linux, so we would need direct programming to
support the card....   Does anyone know of a work in progress for this
card (I really could not find one!) or if anyone is interessted we could
petition for the removal of the NDA, or get enough to drive the card
under a GNU CopyLeft kind of deal...

There NDA stuff is

Thanks for any, or all support

Jason Stevens

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