Can't find libXm.a?

Can't find libXm.a?

Post by Hwei Sheng TE » Thu, 28 May 1998 04:00:00

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I'm using Debian Linux 2.0, and I'm having problems compiling programs that
use Motif. It seems that libXm.a doesn't exist anywhere in my system. I have
installed the lesstifg and lesstifg-dev packages, and apparently they only
have the dynamically-linked libXm libraries?? This is very strange because
Motif programs compiled fine before, but after I upgraded my X base package
they refuse to link properly.

Am I missing a package?? Which package contains the static libXm files? I know
lesstifg-dbg has the static libraries but I don't want debugging symbols
included because my HD space is pretty tight right now. Is there a non-debug
version of the static libraries out there?

Thanks in advance!



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