Help with "can't resolve symbol 'XkbLookupKeySym'"

Help with "can't resolve symbol 'XkbLookupKeySym'"

Post by Andrea Mennucc » Wed, 06 Mar 1996 04:00:00

quite simple: you have to run




1. Recovering from "can't resolve symbol 'XkbLookupKeySym'" in XFree3.2

Like many others (it would seem) I installed XFree 3.2 on Linux
(RedHat 3.0.3 in this case) following the instructions, and got
the infamous "can't resolve symbol 'XkbLookupKeySym'" message
from xterm's and netscape.  No amount of ldconfig'ing appeared
to fix this - however the following worked for me:-

As root, and in the /usr/X11R6 directory,

run the script again to remove the old symlinks,
untar the X32bin.tgz pack again to get the libraries back,

now, DON'T run the, just run /sbin/ldconfig.

Karma should be restored.

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