Xconfig for NEC 5FGp and Diamond Viper VLB 2MB

Xconfig for NEC 5FGp and Diamond Viper VLB 2MB

Post by Lancelot M » Tue, 31 Jan 1995 02:46:20

Could anyone please help me with the xconfig file for a NEC 5FGp and Viper with 2MB RAM? Thanks in advance.

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I need help with my Diamond Viper VLB and CTX CMS-1561 monitor configurations.

I have gotten X to start using startx, but the resolution is at 640x480.  I
tried modifying the ModeLines, but nothing works.  From what I understand, a
Clocks line isn't needed in the video card definitions, replaced by a
Clockchip line.  When I exist X, I see a list of lines saying that resolutions
800x600 and 1024x768 are not the same as initial resolution "640x480"  (??)

I'll try to get a snipped section of my XF86Config posted and the error
message posted.  Thanks for all the help.

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