Multiple bit depths/xdm

Multiple bit depths/xdm

Post by James B Crigle » Fri, 13 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I run my X server with 24-bit depth.  My kids run theirs at 8 bits for
particular games.

I would like to set up xdm so that when my kids log in their X server
8 bit X, and mine runs 24.  Or is this not possible since the server is
only run
once, and that by xdm.
Jim Crigler


Multiple bit depths/xdm

Post by Valentin Guille » Sat, 14 Nov 1998 04:00:00

> I would like to set up xdm so that when my kids log in their X server
> runs
> 8 bit X, and mine runs 24.


See the December issue of Linux Journal.  It has a GREAT article on X and
customizing, and contains just the answer.  You should be able to find this
at a public library, or at a college library near you.  You may find the
article here as well

It's written by Jay Ts

Best Regards,

Valentin Guillen


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Dear netters,

We have a Solaris x86 machine equiped with a 4MRAM S3-968 display card.
When we use 24-bit colors, all applications with 8-bit color depth
cannot display on it.

We then use 'xdpyinfo' to show the X characteristics of the display.
We found that for screen #0

depth (2): 1, 24

I think this is the reason why 8-bit color applications did not work.

However, when we 'xdpyinfo' on a SUN sparc workstation with 24-bit card,
the result is

depth (4): 1, 4, 8, 24

and 8-bit application do run on it.

Now my question is whether I can configure Openwin on Solaris x86 so
that multiple pixel depth can be supported on a 24bit card.

Thank you very much in advance

C.M. Hui

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