Can netscape/linux use the same config files as for netscape/win95?

Can netscape/linux use the same config files as for netscape/win95?

Post by Frederic de Buc » Mon, 18 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hi to all!

I use nescape 2 under win95 AND netscape 2 for Linux.

I'd like to know if it is possible to make netscape / linux use
the config files of netscape /win95. For example I'd like
to use the same mailbox. When I check my mail with netscape/win95
I keep my older messages, and reply them later, under linux sometimes..

It will also be easier for my bookmarks.

My linux is installed on a linux-partition (NON-UMSDOS) and my
dos partitions are mounted with the 'conv=auto' option.

Thanx a lot



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     (This is a cross-posting to comp.os.linux.x and

     Forgive me if this isn't the right group, but I couldn't find any
netscape group.

     I have to use both Linux and Win95 (which are installed in the
same PC).  I use Netscape 4 under both systems.  Netscape mail files,
bookmarks, newsgroup config and address book are stored in Win95
partition.  I would like to make Netscape 4 for Linux  save all the
mail, address, etc in the Win95 partition.  The main problem is that,
under Unix, mail summary files are named like .Inbox.summary while in
Win95 it's Inbox.smn.  Is it possible to change either Linux version
or Win95 version to use the other version convention?  Or is there any
easier way (except deleting Win95 partition :-)  I need Win95 for my

     One more thing, is the format in address book file the same in
all versions?  What are the name of all other config files?  I could
make symbolic links to a few config files in the Win95 partition.

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