Config for XF86 as part of Slackware 96 on IBM365XD P133

Config for XF86 as part of Slackware 96 on IBM365XD P133

Post by Timothy M. Ne » Fri, 18 Jul 1997 04:00:00

        when startx is executed, I receive a message that a device for
accel must be set within the "screen" section of the config file.   The
rest of the config file seems to be fine.  I would appreciate any help re
this problem. Superprobe returns the following information regarding the
chipset.  Thnaks in advance for any help./

                               Chipset: Trident LCD9320
                               CPCI Probed
                               Memory: 1024 kbytes
                               RAMDAC: Trident Buolt-In
                               15/16/24-bit DAC                        



Hi all

Excuse me for this new question about PPP (linux 2.0.0 , pppd 2.2.2).

Well , now I can do dial up (finally ) via Chat to my ISP.
Here is a bit off my chat :
echo "ok . here start the chat"
if chat -v "" "ATZ" "OK"  "ATDP2210100" "CONNECT" \
ogin: $LOGIN ssword: $PASSWORD
    echo "ok. calling PPPD" 1>2
        pppd -d -detach /dev/cua2 &
      echo "PPP call failed" 1>&2
     exit 1

Well , it dial up connect with ISP and after 1 minute
shows "PPP call failed" :).
My questions are:
1- Why the script don't shows the message "ok. calling PPPD" ?
2- Why my debugging PPP don't work (tail -f /var/log/messages --->
notthing shows in the other terminal ) ?. Where is my system log ????
3- If I get work PPP to my ISP how can I send a mail to other user ?
The script ip-up don't exist.

An more time, excuse me for the stupids questions.

Thank you a lot.
(special thanks to albrecht and Al Longyer for yours help)


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