3-Button Emulation w/ AcceleratedX ?

3-Button Emulation w/ AcceleratedX ?

Post by BROWN,ANDREW TOD » Sun, 16 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Could anyone using the AcceleratedX server for Linux clue me in as to
set it up to allow emulation of a three-button mouse?

I'm sure it involves nothing more than a simple modification to the
Xaccel.ini file, but I've been separated from documentation specifying
what I should add to the file.  Many thanks for all help.

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1. 3-button emulation in WindowMaker?

I can't get WindowMaker to recognize OPTION-click and CONTROL-click as the
other mouse buttons (middle and right). The only way I can get the WM
Application and Windows List menus to appear is by hitting F11 and F12
(they should appear with OPTION-click and CONTROL-click)

I had previously installed WindowMaker on LinuxPPC a few months ago, and
CONTROL-click and OPTION-clicked worked as they were supposed to. But now
with my new installation (latest version of LinuxPPC and WindowMaker as of
last night) it does not work.

Also of note is that OPTION-click and CONTROL-click work fine inside an
xterm window. (???)

Can anyone tell me how to fix this? It is getting very annoying not being
able to cut and paste text and access my context menus properly.


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